Bar Review: One Flew South, Atlanta Airport

As you may know from my other bar reviews, I fly through the Atlanta airport regularly.  I’ve even written about one particular restaurant, my favorite, at Atlanta; P.F. Chang’s.  As it works out most of my transits through Atlanta either arrive or depart from concourse A, where P.F. Chang’s is, which works out perfectly.

But occasionally my flights will take me into and out of Concourses D, E, or even F.  On one such transit I decided to stop by One Flew South located in the center of Concourse E.  I’m quite glad I did and have been back a couple of times when my flights go in or out of that end of the World’s biggest airport, by passengers flown.

The ambiance is clean and open, lots of wood influence including the floors, open beams, bar top, and the slatted open wall along the concourse.  Also lots of marble on the walls. One wall is decorated in a forest scene.  All in all a very comfy and casual environment.

One Flew South serves an eclectic mix of Sushi and southern food.  And very nicely so!  Their menu includes appetizers of Poke Tacos and Pork Belly Sliders and Duck Confit Croquettes.  Entrees include Thyme Roasted Pork Belly, Soy Glazed Salmon, Seoul Burger, and their Meatloaf Sandwich – the “OFS” Dirty South:

And, of course, a selection of sushi. The portions are ‘modern’, even avant-garde.  Okay, they’re a bit smallish, but everything I’ve had has all been delicious.  The menu does change regularly, so be forewarned I’m making no guarantees that anything noted here will ever be available again.

The staff was excellent, very attentive when you need something but they leave you eat and drink when you don’t.  The bartenders do seem to have a lot of fun themselves behind the bar and that makes for a pleasant, almost festive, atmosphere.

About the Martinis?  Well, not quite up to the level of the food.  First of all the glasses are not pre-chilled.  Second, the bartender’s prepared the Martini stirred, not shaken which usually means warmer than the ‘correct’ method.  However he did stir for quite some time so the Martini appeared well chilled.

The Martinis are not what you’d call ample.  And for $15 you would expect ample.  But it is an airport.

Finally, they’re not served in the appropriated stem, it was served in Champagne goblet.  Those that are regular readers of this blog know that I’m a bit of a stem snob and prefer my Martinis in a Martini stem.

Overall One Flew South gets one stem.  
As I mentioned above, their Martinis are good!   Certainly not exceptional enough for my two stem award.  However, the food certainly makes it worth a visit or two.  Or three?

For selection One Flew South gets a B.
Their list of Gins on my latest visit included: Bombay Sapphire, Fords, Hendrick’s, Botanist, and Monkey 47.  On prior visits they have had Bluecoat, Hat Trick and Empress.  Like their menu selection, this list may change in time.

If you’re not familiar with that Fantastic Monkey 47, I would refer you to the following: Gin Review: Monkey 47

For those inclined to visit their website: “

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If you’re curious about what one vs. two stems means,
I refer you to the following:
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Bar Review: Tutti Mangia, Claremont, CA

Tutti Mangia is a very quiet quaint smallish Italian Chophouse in Clarement.  Very easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.  Which would be a shame because it is very good.

And did I mention small?  The bar only has about 8 seats and the lounge area has an additional 4 two person tables.  The restaurant itself it a bit bigger.  So get there early because it does fill up.   Or make a reservation via the link below.

The place itself is clean, bright and well organized, if a bit tight, with lots of windows.  Overall the impression is upscale cosmopolitan and yet with a touch of romantic.

The barkeep is Phil.  I can only assume he has a backup somewhere, but every time I’ve been there he’s the bar master.  And rightfully so!  He does a great job of mixing the cocktails.  The martinis are plentiful, cold, dry, and served promptly.

Phil is the perfect barkeep: attentive, suggestive, helpful and discreet the rest off the time.  And never too far away if you need a second drink.  Or even a third.

Tutti Mangia get two Martini glasses!     Martini Glass UprightMartini Glass Upright

For Gin Selection Tutti Mangia gets a “A”.  They have a nice selection and a few examples that are just a bit different:  No. 209, No. 3, Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Sapphire East, Tanqueray, Tanqueray 10, Boodles, Hendricks, Leopold’s, Sipsmith, and Hayman’s

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Tutti Mangia’s Web site: