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Nicely written, a place I’d like to visit on a starry night for a dinner... more

“I don’t get cast as the guy who steps off a yacht in a white linen suite with a Martini”. Martin Freeman (aka Bilbo Baggins)             Looking for more outstanding “Martini Quotes”?  I believe we …

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Of course it does.   Vermouth transforms chilled gin into a Martini!  Therefore it is indeed a magical liquid! But what type of Vermouth?  Will just any do?  Is there a difference? I’ve already written about the importance of keeping your …

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A kiss of Vermouth sounds perfect. :) more
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Interesting and i believe I have had a change of heart. Normally i dreaded the... more

My first Gin Review! And I think I’ve picked a excellent candidate for that honor:  Monkey 47.  I had been told to keep my eye out for this Gin and when I saw it I jumped at the opportunity to …

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National Martini Day!


June 19, 2017 is National Martini Day!! Yes, another National Martini Day has come around.  Always a wonderful time to celebrate with a favorite Martini! If you’re looking for the Perfect Martini recipe, you can find it here:  “The Perfect …


Homemade Gin, Round #2


My hopes of being the next gin magnate have crashed.  My first batch of gin was not very good, as I’ve documented in “I made Gin!!”  I had hopes that this second batch would be much better.  Not so.  But …


Random Martini Quote of the Day


“I should learn to crochet something I’ll actually use … like a martini.” Maxine (John Wagner)     Looking for more outstanding “Martini Quotes”?  I believe we have the best collection of Martini quotes anywhere!   If you haven’t checked …


Bar Review: 71Above, Los Angeles, CA


At the top of the Los Angeles’ US Bank Tower (generally known as the “Library Tower” to locals) is 71Above.  A relatively new restaurant in a building with an interesting history.  Prior to 71Above’s opening in June, 2016, along with …