Restaurant Review: Kloof Street House, Cape Town, SA

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Kloof Street House:

The ambiance of this gem of a restaurant is absolutely amazing. I was showed to a table in a nice corner outside by a waiter, who was friendly and smiling. Given it is winter, I was initially skeptical about getting a table outside. The table was enclosed by flowers and reeds on my right, with heaters and dim lights on the roof. This proved to be a great corner to relax after a long day of meetings.

The waiter offered me a drink as I waited for my guests. I opted for Sauvignon Blanc and I sat back and started to feel relaxed, sipping on the elegant and crisp white wine, enjoying the eclectic mix of patrons who were all clearly enamored and enjoying themselves.  The food was equally great, I opted for grilled salmon which was served with asparagus for my main meal.

On the second occasion, I was very keen to take my family who were visiting from England. Once again, we were greeted by charming hosts, and they did their best to accommodate us despite not having a reservation. I enjoyed sticky maple salmon, baked sweet potato and chipotle slaw, which was absolutely delicious. The steaks and hand cut fries were said to be fantastic!

Kloof Street House is a definite must do for those that are planning to visit Cape Town whether for business or pleasure.

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