National Martini Day is Coming: June 19, 2016

Keep Calm

Time to start planning; National Martini Day is right around the corner!   Well 90 days from today, that’s sort of around the corner.  😉

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patricks 4

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all.

Enjoy an “Irish” Martini …. one with green garnish and decoration.  But please leave the drink clean clear and pure.


My thanks to PortGirl for the photo!

World Gin Day is Coming: June 11, 2016


Time to start planning; World Gin Day is right around the corner!   Well 90 days from now, more or less, that’s sort of around the corner.  😉

I hope to do another round of Gin Tastings, similar to last years.  IF anyone has a gin they’d like tested & tasted, please let me know by commenting on this post.

If you want to check out last year’s tastings, you can find it here:  World Gin Day Sampling Results & Opinions

St. Patrick’s Day next week!


March 17th and St. Patrick’s Day are just around the corner.   How are you planning on celebrating?  Does a green Martini sound right?

I’ve railed railed about ‘tinis in the past:  Appletini, Mintini, Chocotini, and on and on.   The purist in me certainly would avail against such candy drinks but I think that for this occasion that perhaps a little tolerance is in order.

So enjoy the green martini concoction of your choice next week.

Happy National Margarita Day

Margarita Day

Yes, I know this is a Martini blog, but who says you can’t celebrate National Margarita day with a Martini?   LOL

Have a great and safe holiday with whatever libation you choose.


Celebrate Blue Moon Friday!

Blue Moon

This Friday evening we witness a rare ‘Blue Moon’.   Sounds like a perfect reason to celebrate with a Perfect Martini.  Not that we need much of an excuse.

For those wondering, a ‘Blue Moon’ is either the third full moon during a calendar quarter in which there are four full moons or the second full moon of a calendar month. Today’s Blue Moon is the second full moon of this month.

The next Blue Moon will be May 21st 2016 which is a Saturday. This will be the third full moon of that quarter.

The Blue Moon after that will be Wednesday January 31, 2018, which, like today, will be the second full moon in the calendar month.

OH, and no, the moon will not appear blue.

National Tequila Day!

Happy National Tequila Day to everyone!

Yes, I know this is a Martini blog and NO, there’s no such thing as a Tequila Martini despite what anyone claims.   But that doesn’t mean we can’t honor a friendly, and very happy, spirit.

And the reality is when I’m at a Mexican bar, pub, or restaurant I’m not going to order a Martini.  I’m going to order a Margarita!

So enjoy the day and your favorite Tequila.