VJOP Gin??? Absolutely!!


While at my favorite watering hole recently, I noticed that they had a ‘new’ Gin on the shelf:  Sipsmith VJOP.  I thought I would have a go and I’m very glad I did.  This Gin is excellent!

So what does VJOP mean?  Well, I’ll break it down starting with “VJ” or Very Junipery!  Emphasis on VERY.   There are other flavors that surround and compliment the Juniper, but there’s no mistaking what the headliner is here.

With so many craft Gins popping up these days it seems that often the Juniper gets lost as Gin distillers rush to add more exotic and unusual flavors to their Gins.  I can just picture the distiller looking over his/her most recent creation, checking off the ingredients . “Yes, there’s the pomegranate, the cinnamon, the radish, the bat’s wing, the newt’s eye, …. what is missing?  OH!  Right this is supposed to be gin!”   Then he/she gets one juniper berry and throws it in the 100 gallon vat.

Not this VJOP!  I believe that on the receiving dock at Sipsmith you’ll find someone dragging in a whole Juniper tree; berry, bark, stem, and pins.  They just throw it in the vat and then toss a couple of other flavors in to smooth out the Juniper.

So if you’re like me and enjoy that pine forest scent and flavor of Juniper, this is a Gin you have to try.  Personally I had it as a very dry Martini but I really think it will be great as a G&T with the Juniper complimenting the tonic.  I’ll be trying that soon.

Oh, the OP?  Over Proof!  As in 57.7 ABV!  A couple of VJOP Martinis and you’d better have a designated driver available.  Or Uber it.  This is one potent Gin.