Homemade Gin, Round 3


Round 3 Homemade Gin!   And, yes, I am learning, albeit slowly.   This batch is significantly better than my two previous efforts!  (You can find my posts on those here:   “I made Gin!!”   and here:  “Homemade Gin, Round 2” .) This …

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Gin Review: Monkey 47


My first Gin Review! And I think I’ve picked a excellent candidate for that honor:  Monkey 47.  I had been told to keep my eye out for this Gin and when I saw it I jumped at the opportunity to …

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Homemade Gin, Round #2


My hopes of being the next gin magnate have crashed.  My first batch of gin was not very good, as I’ve documented in “I made Gin!!”  I had hopes that this second batch would be much better.  Not so.  But …

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I Made Gin!!


Yes, it is Gin.  No, it really wasn’t that great.  In fact it was pretty poor, barely drinkable. But it was a lot of fun and I learned a quite a bit.   The most important thing I learned is that …

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The Perfect Gin Explained


I often get asked “What is the best gin?” Apparently some people seem to think I should know.  I’m still researching that myself and until I try all the Gins I don’t think I can really give a valid assessment.   …

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What Your Martini Says About You


A friend sent me the following link to “Wine Enthusiast” Magazine with the comment that they were not sure they agreed with the story’s conclusions.  And I would agree that I’m not sure I agreed either. But it’s an interesting …

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The Perfect Martini “How To”s Collected


Over the course of the almost two years that I’ve been writing this blog I’ve posted many random martini quotes, several reviews of restaurant and bars, made opinionated comments about stemware, and expounded on my pet peeves.  And, of course, …

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Bar Review: Bistango, Irvine, CA


I recently found myself at Bistango, a well reviewed Orange County Restaurant serving “New American” cuisine.  It has earned ratings of 4.3 on Yelp, 4.4 on both Open Table and Facebook, and 24 on Zagat.  Sadly I have only had …

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Happy World Gin Day


It’s finally here, World Gin Day!  I hope you all celebrate with a Martini.  But if not, then a Gin & Tonic will do.  Whichever you choose, enjoy safely.

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June 11 is World Gin Day!!


Saturday June 11 is World Gin Day this year!   That is just 10 days from now!    😉  Celebrate with a G&T or a Martini!  Or even straight! I hope to do another round of Gin Tastings, similar to last years.  …

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