Celebrate Blue Moon Friday!

Blue Moon

This Friday evening we witness a rare ‘Blue Moon’.   Sounds like a perfect reason to celebrate with a Perfect Martini.  Not that we need much of an excuse.

For those wondering, a ‘Blue Moon’ is either the third full moon during a calendar quarter in which there are four full moons or the second full moon of a calendar month. Today’s Blue Moon is the second full moon of this month.

The next Blue Moon will be May 21st 2016 which is a Saturday. This will be the third full moon of that quarter.

The Blue Moon after that will be Wednesday January 31, 2018, which, like today, will be the second full moon in the calendar month.

OH, and no, the moon will not appear blue.

Random Martini Quote for the Day

“When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.”
Henny Youngman

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New Page: Botanical Elements of Gin

I’ve added a new page to this blog:  Botanical Elements of Gin.    Take a moment to check it out.  Suggestions for additions, updates, or corrections gladly accepted.


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Random Martini Quote for the Day

“I never go jogging, it makes me spill my martini.”
George Burns


For more fun Martini quotes check out the appropriately titled “Martini Quotes” page, or click the link:  Martini Quotes.

National Tequila Day!

Happy National Tequila Day to everyone!

Yes, I know this is a Martini blog and NO, there’s no such thing as a Tequila Martini despite what anyone claims.   But that doesn’t mean we can’t honor a friendly, and very happy, spirit.

And the reality is when I’m at a Mexican bar, pub, or restaurant I’m not going to order a Martini.  I’m going to order a Margarita!

So enjoy the day and your favorite Tequila.

Bar Review: Ocean Prime, Philadelphia, PA – Update

I was recently in Philadelphia and decided to eat at one of my local favorites, Ocean Prime.  I have in the past reviewed their Martini and given them my coveted two Martini rating.  See  “Bar Review: Ocean Prime“.   But that was before I started adding a rating for Gin selection.  So I took a few notes this time on their Gin selections.

First of all I’m happy to say that I have no reason to second guess my two Martini rating given previously.  My Martini’s this time were excellent, as before.  I also had the opportunity to sample a few new and unusual Gins.

The first of these was Uncle Vic’s of Sonoma CA.  This was very heavy on the  lemon with elements of pine and cardamon(?).   Again, I probably wouldn’t use it in a martini, but I think it might work well in a Gin & Tonic.

The second is Barr Hill from Vermont.  This gin is flavored with two, yes only two, elements; Juniper, of course, and honey.  As a consequence It is a very sweet gin.  Not really to my liking, certainly not as a martini.  Perhaps as an after dinner aperitif?

I was also given a quick sample of Tanqueray Old Tom.  This is a limited release edition in the historical “Old Tom” style.   Tastewise this is much more subdued than its namesake, almost subtle but with a hint of sweetness.   I think this will appeal to a lot of people and is definitely worth a sampling.

Because of these three very interesting gins, Ocean Prime gets an “A” for selection.  Here are the gins they carry:
Bombay, Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Sapphire East
Tanqueray, Tanqueray 10, Tanqueray Rangpur, Tanqueray Old Tom
Hendrick’s, Bluecoat, Nolet’s,
Barr Hill, Uncle Vic’s

Random Martini Quote for the Day

“If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt.”
Dean Martin

For more fun Martini quotes check out the appropriately titled “Martini Quotes” page, or click the link:  Martini Quotes.

Shaken vs. Stirred Revisited: Conclusion.

Over the past several weeks I’ve waxed poetic on the differences between Shaken Martinis and Stirred Martinis.    We’ve talked about Temperature, Dilution, Bruising, and Taste.  So what is the combined consensus conclusion?

Lets review the score:
Temperature – Draw                                                   Shaken vs. Stirred Revisited: Temperature
Dilution – Stirring                                                         Shaken vs. Stirred Revisited: Dilution
Bruising – Draw                                                            Shaken vs. Stirred Revisited: Bruising
Taste – Draw                                                                 Shaken vs. Stirred Revisited: Taste

Overall Advantage:  Your call.

Here’s the bottom line.   I like my martinis cold.  I like them with Bombay Sapphire.  You may like yours at a milder temperature with Hendrick’s or Nolet’s or any other fine Gin.  The taste difference between my Cold Bombay Sapphire and your ‘cool’ Nolet’s far eclipses any differences of taste that may, or may not, occur from Shaking or Stirring.

I can hear the screams among you…. “A cope out”,  “I need an answer”,  “I can’t stand the ambiguity”,  “Tell me what to think”, …

Really?    I have said from the beginning that your “Perfect Martini” may not be the same as my “Perfect Martini”.   It’s sort of like that metaphysical philosophical Tao ‘find your own beach’ thing that someone does on TV.  😀

I hope to educate, elaborate,  and engross; to amuse and delight; and, hopefully, perhaps start a discussion or even a bit of controversy.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome.  I’d love to hear what you have to say.


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