Happy National Margarita Day

Yes, I know this is a Martini blog, but who says you can’t celebrate National Margarita day with a Martini?   LOL Have a great and safe holiday with whatever libation you choose.   … Continue reading

VJOP Gin??? Absolutely!!

While at my favorite watering hole recently, I noticed that they had a ‘new’ Gin on the shelf:  Sipsmith VJOP.  I thought I would have a go and I’m very glad I did.  This Gin is excellent! So what does … Continue reading

Random Martini Quote of the Day

“There is no sugar in a martini; no egg whites, no black and white rums, no shaved almonds, no fruit juice, no chocolate, and no spices…. It is a clear, clean, cold, pure, honest drink …” Donald G. Smith, Wall … Continue reading

Bar Review: The Cat and the Custard Cup, La Habra, CA

“The Cat” as locals call it, is a hidden gem in this quite bedroom community in North Orange County.  It has been here hidden in the hills since 1979, but its root go back even further.  It is part of … Continue reading

World Cocktail Day; May 13, 2016 is Coming

World Cocktail Day; May 13, 2016 is Coming in just 90 days.  Are you ready? … Continue reading

Random Martini Quote of the Day

“I love to sing, and I love to drink scotch.  Most people would rather hear me drink scotch.” George Burns   If you haven’t check out our “Martini Quotes” page in a while you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some new … Continue reading

Expanded List of Botanical Elements

I received an comment from a newer reader complimenting me on my page “Botanical Elements of Gin“.  Then she asked if I knew of a resource for ingredients in specific gins.  I don’t have such a resource but it got … Continue reading