Random Martini Quote for the Day

“Happiness is…finding two olives in your Martini when you’re hungry.”
Johnny Carson


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Great Gin Selection at the local Reststop!

Fantastic Gin Selection

Last week while traveling in Scotland, we stopped at a little roadside restaurant, “Stonehouse” for lunch outside of Foulis on the A9.  Beside the restaurant was their giftshop.  There covering two entire top shelves was this selection of Gins.

This is without a doubt the largest selection of Gins I’ve ever seen in one place.  Certainly outside of a ‘warehouse’ type store.  🙂



Random Martini Quote for the Day

“Martinis are the only American invention as perfect as a sonnet.”
H. L. Mencken


For more fun Martini quotes check out the appropriately titled “Martini Quotes” page, or click the link: Martini Quotes.

A Martini Elitist??

Apparently I’m an elitist drinker?

I’m not sure what makes me an elitist though.  Is it the look I get when I order a ‘Bombay Sapphire’ Martini and the bartender looks at me with big vacant eyes and you can hear their mind sort of going “Whaaaaa?”  Then they sort of look at that bottle of ‘Martini & Rossi’ Vermouth gathering dust and you can see them wondering if that’s what I want.  And this wasn’t just the bartender.  This was the waitress, bartender, and manager!

Or is it that in my mind I’m thinking that they’re a moron?

This is not an idle imagination, this actually happened to me, twice, on my recent trip to Scotland.  Mind you, this wasn’t in the city center of Glasgow or Edinburgh where I’ve had no problem.  But it wasn’t in the far hinterlands of the Outer Hebrides where one might excuse a local beer tender.   This was in a middle sized tourist / seaside / fishing town.  This is the largest town in the highlands with 10,000 locals and untold numbers of tourists.  (I’ll keep the name of the place to myself to protect the ignorant.)

Considering that Scotland produces 70% of the Gin produced in the UK, you would think that a Martini would be universally recognized.  Or does everyone order G&T?

Seriously though, if you’re a bartender at a local bar serving beer to locals 98% of the time whose never seen a movie, read a book, or finished High School, I can understand perhaps not knowing what a Martini is.  But other than that, you absolutely should at least know that a Martini is a drink unto itself.

Or am I really a Martini elitist?  If so are we a dying breed?

Makar Gin

While walking around Glasgow recently, I came across “The Good Spirits Co.”  and decided to stop in.  While I was intending to explore their Whiskey selection the discussion quickly turned to gins.

Much to my surprise our host, Victoria, offered us a few samples of locally produced ‘new’ Gins.  This was certainly something new to me!  I’ve never had this happen in the US.  Another fine attraction of Glasgow!

There were a couple of samples that were unimpressive.  One was a Barrel aged Gin which had a very distinctive taste and might appeal to some.  I made previous comments about Barrel Aging in “Craft Gin“.

One of the nicer Gins I tried was Jensen Gin, very much a “London Dry” style Gin.  This would likely work very well in a Martini and I will look out for that in a lounge or bar to validate that guess.

But the finest was Makar Gin.  I’m not really sure how to describe it other then delicious.  It uses only 7 botanicals, in addition to Juniper, but they meld together wonderfully.  A combination of earthy, floral, and citrus flavors combine in a bright clean Gin.

I sampled it neat, of course, but I think it would be excellent in a Martini.  I hope to try that very soon.

Unfortunately I was unable to purchase a bottle there as The Good Spirits Co. had just sold out their entire stock that morning.  Which is a fine comment on the quality of the Gin.

The Good Spirits Co.
23 Bath St., Glasgow