Makar Gin

While walking around Glasgow recently, I came across “The Good Spirits Co.”  and decided to stop in.  While I was intending to explore their Whiskey selection the discussion quickly turned to gins.

Much to my surprise our host, Victoria, offered us a few samples of locally produced ‘new’ Gins.  This was certainly something new to me!  I’ve never had this happen in the US.  Another fine attraction of Glasgow!

There were a couple of samples that were unimpressive.  One was a Barrel aged Gin which had a very distinctive taste and might appeal to some.  I made previous comments about Barrel Aging in “Craft Gin“.

One of the nicer Gins I tried was Jensen Gin, very much a “London Dry” style Gin.  This would likely work very well in a Martini and I will look out for that in a lounge or bar to validate that guess.

But the finest was Makar Gin.  I’m not really sure how to describe it other then delicious.  It uses only 7 botanicals, in addition to Juniper, but they meld together wonderfully.  A combination of earthy, floral, and citrus flavors combine in a bright clean Gin.

I sampled it neat, of course, but I think it would be excellent in a Martini.  I hope to try that very soon.

Unfortunately I was unable to purchase a bottle there as The Good Spirits Co. had just sold out their entire stock that morning.  Which is a fine comment on the quality of the Gin.

The Good Spirits Co.
23 Bath St., Glasgow

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