The Perfect Martini Stem “Bowl” Shape!

Have you ever sat there with a Martini comfortably cradled in your hand and wonder what is the optimum bowl shape for a Martini?  Is it a very wide flaring bowl?  A very narrow tall bowl, almost a flute?          … Continue reading

Bar Review: Moshulu, Philadelphia, PA

Or When is a Martini Stem not a martini Stem? That is my Martini on my most recent visit to Moshulu! First let me explain a bit about Moshulu.  She is a four-masted steel barque built  in Scotland in 1904 … Continue reading

Thoughts on Stemware, Part Three

Its been a while since I shared some thoughts on stemware, so here are a few Friday Musings…. Crooked stems?  Split?  Or big sweeping curving stems?  Is there some reason for a crooked/curved/split stem that I’m just not seeing?  Or … Continue reading

Not Shaken, Not Stirred?

If the gin is stored in the freezer, the stem is in the freezer, the shaker is in the freezer, and the vermouth is in the refrigerator do I need to shake or stir drink at all?  Why not just … Continue reading

To Stem or Not to Stem

Anybody out there like this trend of Martini Stemware without the ‘Stem’? I’ve noticed a number of places serving my Martinis in glassware that is short, almost stubby, with a bulbous ‘foot’, and no noticeable ‘stem’.  The bowl is still … Continue reading

What’s the best way to hold the Martini?

What’s the best way to hold the stem to retain maximum Martini coldness? I use two fingers at the rim.  Is it better to hold the base?  Or the stem itself? Having my fingers on the rim of the bowl … Continue reading

Thoughts on Stemware, Part Two

A few more rambling thoughts on “cold” stemware……. We know that smaller things warm up quickly and larger object warm up more slowly. Specifically objects with larger thermal masses warm up more slowly. Usually, but not always, thermal mass correlates … Continue reading

Thoughts on Stemware, Part One

Do you have a preference on stemware? Perhaps you haven’t thought too much about it. Many people’s only desire is a clean stem for their drink. That’s clearly a good start. I do have a preference; I want my Martini … Continue reading