Thoughts on Stemware, Part One

Do you have a preference on stemware? Perhaps you haven’t thought too much about it. Many people’s only desire is a clean stem for their drink. That’s clearly a good start.

I do have a preference; I want my Martini in a stem with some heft, some weight, and some significant mass to it. No, not because I’m working my biceps and delts. Because of thermal mass.

You may be asking yourself “What is this guy babbling about”. This may take a bit so bear with me. Or skip this and move on if you’d like.

As I mentioned before, my Perfect Martin is ice cold. Ideally it stays ice cold for the duration of my enjoyment. But we all know that the drink will warm up over time. I want to maximize the time my drink stays cold. The more thermal mass in the glass, the longer it will take to warm up.

Sadly most bars use thin, light weight, and cheap stemware. I understand that they’re running a business and stemware is, unfortunately, disposable. It breaks constantly and has to be replaced regularly. But that frilly little bit of glass warms up just too quickly. That’s why I want a stem with some heft. I want a long lasting cold Martini.


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