Thoughts on Stemware, Part Three

Its been a while since I shared some thoughts on stemware, so here are a few Friday Musings….

Crooked stems?  Split?  Or big sweeping curving stems?  Is there some reason for a crooked/curved/split stem that I’m just not seeing?  Or is this just trendy?

And I’ve already demonized those little squat ugly stems in the past.  (You can find my past stemware comments in the “Stemware” category over on your left.)

What about colored stemware?  I’m partial to clear crystal so I can see what I’m drinking.  Ok, maybe a colored ‘stem’.  I know there’s no difference in taste or thermal affects so maybe I’m just being traditional?

Anyplace that offers a Martini in a plastic stem should be shut down immediately.  Unless you’re on a pool deck of course.

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Thoughts on Stemware, Part Three — 3 Comments

  1. I personally prefer clear crystal stemware for exactly the same reasons as you, I would like to see exactly what I’m drinking. As for the crooked stem ware, some of them can be very pretty, but I’m not too sure if they are practical to handle after having ”one drink a little too much ‘…Well, as for the plastic ones, I just don’t fancy them, period.

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