What’s the best way to hold the Martini?

What’s the best way to hold the stem to retain maximum Martini coldness?

I use two fingers at the rim.  Is it better to hold the base?  Or the stem itself?

Having my fingers on the rim of the bowl certainly transmits heat to the glass and then the drink.  So physics tells me to hold the base with just a finger and thumb.  That provides the longest heat transfer path to the Martini.

But by design Martini stems are very top heavy and I’d then be concerned about spilling!

Holding the stem between the bowl and base seems to be a good compromise between stability and heat input.   As long as you’re just using a couple of fingers.

For me, discretion is the better part of valor, I’ll take the warming from my finger tips to ensure I don’t loose any of the drink.

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    • Terry, Thank you for visiting. I believe you are asking for my favorite flavor of Martini. I’m a purist so I would have to say my favorite flavor is ‘traditional’, i.e., Gin. Simply Gin with a hint of vermouth. See my earlier posts for a complete description.

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