Something just for Fun

Something just for fun. Not sure it makes a “Perfect Martini” but it is impressive.  Do Not Try this at Home, this is a professional with years or training, or at least a couple weeks.  😀 Don’t forget to … Continue reading

Not Shaken, Not Stirred?

If the gin is stored in the freezer, the stem is in the freezer, the shaker is in the freezer, and the vermouth is in the refrigerator do I need to shake or stir drink at all?  Why not just … Continue reading

Vermouth Storage?

One of my readers asked about storing Vermouth in the refrigerator.  To be honest I’ve not thought much about Vermouth as I like my martinis dry.  But I do put a splash in my martini.  Thinking back I realize that … Continue reading

Bar Review: Barclay Prime, Philadelphia

Barclay Prime may have one of the best selections of steaks in the US.  Certainly in Philadelphia.  And, of course, they are prepared perfectly.  The ambiance is subdued elegance and the staff is magnificent.  It is definitely worth a visit. … Continue reading

Bar Review: R2L, Philadelphia

Not long ago I was at R2L in Philadelphia for an after dinner drink.  R2L is on the 37 floor of Two Liberty Place and has absolutely stunning views to the north and west of Philadelphia.  Its incredible at sunset … Continue reading

Does Gin belong in the Freezer

One of my wonderful readers asked if their Gin should be stored in a freezer? Store gin in the freezer?  I keep my Vodka in the freezer, so why not the Gin?  As I’ve noted several times in past posts … Continue reading

Shaker Thoughts

Glass shakers vs. Metal shakers?  Which is better?  I think part of the answer depends on whether you store the shaker in the freezer (or fridge). If you store it in the freezer then the greater thermal mass of the … Continue reading

To Stem or Not to Stem

Anybody out there like this trend of Martini Stemware without the ‘Stem’? I’ve noticed a number of places serving my Martinis in glassware that is short, almost stubby, with a bulbous ‘foot’, and no noticeable ‘stem’.  The bowl is still … Continue reading

Cold Ice Please!

What is cold ice? Ice melts at 32F so we know that ice cannot be warmer than 32F. But it can be colder. Many restaurants’ freezers are set at OF which means ice pulled from a Freezer will be at … Continue reading