Bar Review: R2L, Philadelphia

Martini Glass Sideways

Not long ago I was at R2L in Philadelphia for an after dinner drink.  R2L is on the 37 floor of Two Liberty Place and has absolutely stunning views to the north and west of Philadelphia.  Its incredible at sunset or during a thunderstorm.  The food is excellent and the deserts are incredible.  However the Martini I ordered was not up to these standards.

From the beginning my Martini prep was poor.  The barkeep pulled the stem from the shelf and made no attempt to chill stem.  It wasn’t stored in the fridge or freezer and there was no effort to chill the glass with ice and water.  The drink mix was acceptably dry and mildly shaken.  Then placed in a smallish stem with a small bowl.   So the drink was cool but not chilled, warming to room temperature very quickly.  All for a rather large price.

Go for the view, Go for the food, but don’t go for the Martini.  Have one if you’re there or order wine.

2 thoughts on “Bar Review: R2L, Philadelphia

  1. This restaurant sounds like the perfect place to take a special someone and share a full bodied, bottle of Cabernet. I would prefer the thunderstorm ambiance, preferably ending the evening with a rich glass of Port. I will definitely visit R2L when I visit Philadelphia, 😉

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