Does Gin belong in the Freezer

One of my wonderful readers asked if their Gin should be stored in a freezer?

Store gin in the freezer?  I keep my Vodka in the freezer, so why not the Gin?  As I’ve noted several times in past posts I do like my Martini cold and having the gin in the freezer would certainly help keep the drink cold.  This would be especially helpful if you’re using warm ice when shaking.

But at some point it seems there might be a case of diminishing returns.  As I commented earlier about freezer space, perhaps its more important to keep your ice cream there?  This one is a toss up in my opinion, if you have plenty of freezer space certainly keep your gin there.

3 thoughts on “Does Gin belong in the Freezer

  1. Hi there, I currently have 3 types of vodka along side a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin in my freezer. I place the glasses and shaker in the freezer several hours before I am going to make martinis. My freezer is set at -6F, the coldest setting possible for my model of freezer. My icecream is as a hard as a rock but it is well worth the sacrifice in order to have very cold gin and ice and may even help with portion control when indulging in the decadent treat!

    So let me ask you this…..If my gin, ice and glasses are all stored in a freezer at -6F, wouldn’t my martini be the coldest simply poured into the glass rather than being shaken? I do like the mouth feel of the bubbles and ice shavings generated by shaking, but from a purely temperature standpoint, maybe??

    On a side note… I store my vermouth in the refrigerator to avoid lowering the temperature of my martini. I read that vermouth is perishable and should be refrigerated after opening, but it does not indicate that anywhere on my bottle. Have you read anything on this? Thank you for your interesting and thought-provoking posts, I really enjoy your blog and the comments of your followers!


  2. I think the real question is what happens to the organic compounds. I have to decide whether to pack my opened bottle of gin in a checked bag when I return from my summer home or place it in the freezer until I return 6 months later.

    1. I’d hate to have an opened bottle of Gin in my check bag and have it spill. That would be a shame. I think your Gin will keep fine in the freezer for a few months. Of course you could just finish the bottle before you leave. 😀

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