Vermouth Storage?

One of my readers asked about storing Vermouth in the refrigerator.  To be honest I’ve not thought much about Vermouth as I like my martinis dry.  But I do put a splash in my martini.  Thinking back I realize that the taste is different depending on how long my bottle of vermouth has been opened.   So I did a little research.

Vermouth is a flavored fortified wine.  Typically flavored with herbs and spices, though there are no hard and fast rules.  Like wine it will deteriorate with time.  However, since it is fortified that process is slower.

Therefore, once opened it should be stored chilled and, ideally, consumed in 3 months or less.  That is a tall order for most people who only use vermouth for their martinis.   So either drink more martinis or buy vermouth in the smallest bottles you can find.  And keep it in the refrigerator.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Vermouth Storage?

  1. Hi and thank you for the information. Thankfully, Vermouth is relatively inexpensive and I agree it is hard to use up a bottle within a few months, if you solely use it for Martinis. The next time you have some Vermouth that has been open for awhile, try experimenting with one of these wonderful recipes at

    You can also substitute dry Vermouth in any recipe that calls for a dry white wine, especially dishes where strong herbs are used for example, rosemary. 🙂

    1. That is an excellent idea PortGirl! Never thought to use vermouth like that but it makes perfect sense. Can’t wait to deglaze a pan with leftover vermouth! Any preferences on dry vermouth brands? I’m curious if it make a difference. Possibly a future topic??

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