Egg Nog Martini??? Really?


I’ve previously railed about candy drinks and candy martinis specifically.   (You can seem my prior opinions at The Martini, Part Two)  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by an Eggnog Martini.  And would that be ‘Eggnogini’?  But, really????

Now there is no doubt in my mind that these sweet, spicy, tongue-coatingly thick concoctions will be absolutely scrumptiously decadently delicious.  (Not to mention wonderfully fattening!)

And I do love Eggnog!  Plain or even with a little Kahlua or Spiced Rum!  I’m sure I’d enjoy all of these Eggnog “Martini”s.   So enjoy your luscious libation.  But its NOT a Martini.  😀

Season’s Greetings to all!

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