Bar Review: Joe’s, Fullerton, CA


Have you ever had that hankering for a good old rattlesnake sausage to go with your Martini?  Yes?  Well I have the place for you; Joe’s No Limits Bar & Grill in Fullerton.

If you follow my blog you know that I favor Steakhouses and Seafood Restaurants.  Joe’s doesn’t quite fit that profile, but it is not a dive  bar by any means.   It really is a local sports ‘bar and grill’.

With a twist.…  Rattlesnake, Rabbit, Duck, Wild Boar, or Alligator; its all part of Joe’s selection of home made, or home specified, sausages.   For the less adventuresome, there is the more traditional Bratwurst, Polish, or Louisiana Hot Links.  And of course the traditional assortment of Burgers, Pizzas, and Sandwiches.  But you have to try the Wild Boar sausage, its awesome!

There are three sections to Joe’s.  In the front there is the “Bar”, in the back there is the Piano ‘lounge’ with several tables, and outside there is the smoker’s patio.  Throughout there are plentiful TVs on which you will find all the currents sports events.  In the evenings, and whenever he feels like it, the owner will play the piano.  And he’s pretty good!  They also have trios and duos come in and play.

The decor is not really decor.  It’s more decoration.  And its eclectic to say the least, but fun.  Lots of automotive items mixed with old tools and Americana.  All wrapped in permanent colored Christmas lights.

So ordering a Martini is probably not your first thought here, despite the obvious full bar dead center in the bar area.  No, you would likely think beer and they do have a  good selection on tap.

But the Martinis are really very good!  Perfectly chilled, nicely mixed, amply poured.  The bartenders know what they’re doing here.  Now that I know better, I’ll absolutely be ordering Martinis!

Joe’s isn’t the place you come just for a martini, so it only gets one, very well deserved, martini stem.   Martini Glass Upright

As for gin selection, I don’t really know.  I wasn’t paying attention at the time I ordered my martini, it was sort of a ‘lark’.  But I promise to go back and make note and update this blog.



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