Bar Review: Mastro’s Thousand Oaks

Martini Glass UprightMartini Glass Upright

Not to long ago I was in Thousand Oaks and stopped in at Mastro’s.  I’ve been there several times, but never to specifically review their Martini. Mastro’s is known for their steaks and excellent service.  But that doesn’t necessarily correlate to excellent Martinis.

But they are.   The Martini was exceptional.  A very large portion perfectly mixed and served well chilled in a nice stem fresh out of the freezer.  The barkeep was professional, pleasant, and attentive.   Absolutely perfect.

One very nice element to a Mastro Martini is that you get a full shaker’s worth of Martini.  The barkeep will fill your stem and leave you with the shaker to refill your glass as you see fit.  I got another 2/3 of a glass out of the shaker.

Now I’m looking forward to trying some of the other Mastro’s locations….

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