Bar Review: Smith & Wollensky, Philadelphia

I was recently in Philadelphia and stopped by Smith & Wollensky with the intent of reporting on their martini.

I had been in this restaurant before with a couple of friends and we had a great time.  Their steaks are absolutely marvelous, really outstanding.  The service was exceptional.  We even talked our way into a tour of their onsite dry aging ‘room’.  The chef joined us to give us the tour.   A fascination and informative experience.

I was really looking forward to reviewing their Martini.  However, when I ordered my usual they told me they were out of Sapphire and wouldn’t be ‘restocking’.  A very odd comment I thought.

Upon inquiry it turns out that the Philadelphia Smith & Wollensky is closing.  Their landlord decided to raise the rent by, in my non-professional opinion, what can only be described as an exorbitant amount.  I didn’t get the exact closing date, but it will be a very sad day.

The martini I did get was good and the bar service fine.  However, considering the imminent future for the staff, it hardly seems fair to judge them at this point.

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