Bar Review: Mr. V’s Bar and Grill, La Mirada, CA

Martini Glass UprightMartini Glass UprightI recently was in the neighborhood of Mr. V’s Bar and Grill.  I had been in this bar many times in the pre-blog past.  But my recent travels had not brought me in the vicinity.  So this time I looked forward taking notes on their Martini.

First I should mention that Mr. V’s is located in a small strip mall tucked behind a gas station in a mostly residential part of suburbia.  About as innocuous of a location as you could possibly find.  You could easily drive right by it an miss it.  Parking can be a problem, but they do offer free valet.

The decor is classic: lots of wood, tall booths with high backed seats, and real flowers at the table.  A good place for a romantic date.

The food is excellent, the menu is extensive, the service is prompt and friendly.  The bar itself is very well stocked with a good selection of cognacs.

But the Martini is what I came for and I was very pleased.   The martini was large, cold, dry, and excellently shaken.  Did I mention large.  Poured to the rim in a very large chilled martini glass.  This is not a place for dainty or wimpy stems.  In fact one has to be very careful with the first sips so as not to spill.

Its a little out of the way and easy to miss, but it is worth a visit for the food and the martini.  In fact, it’s worth a visit just for the martini.

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