Ratings Enhancements

In my never ending effort to bring to you, my dear reader, the most detailed information possible in my Bar Reviews, and having a recent epiphany on how best to convey such information, I have decided to add a letter grade to future reviews.

Why and what for you may ask?  I’ll tell you – as an indication of the available selection of gins.

While my Martini review will always be based on my “baseline” Bombay Sapphire Martini, I recognize that my readers may prefer another gin.   This will, I hope, provide some guideline on gin choices available at a reviewed restaurant.

So an “A” would be a very outstanding selection of gins, probably 12 or more different gins with a least one ‘rare’ or unusual gin.   A “B” would be a good selection, probably 8+ choices with a nice selection of styles.  And, obviously, a “C” would be an average selection.  You get the idea.

If a particular establishment has a unique gin I will try and note that along with grade.

Let me know what you think, comments are always welcome.

One thought on “Ratings Enhancements

  1. I think that is an excellent idea!!! Although we all have our favorites… it is nice to know where there are great selections for that time we are feeling adventurous and wanting to try something new!!!


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