Bar Review: Padri, Agoura Hills, CA

Martini Glass Upright

I recently visited Pardi in Agoura Hills.  The place has a new owner(s) and they remodeled the bar area.  The new decor is sort of a cross between country roadside farmhouse and LA Chic.  I like the new feel and believe it is a step up from the previous ramshackle rustic look.  The food was good and service was fine.  Reportedly they have live music some nights.

The Martini was good but not special.   Well shaken but with warm ice leaving it a bit watered down, moderate volume, and modestly chilled glass.  So Padri earns a rating of only one martini.

They have an interesting take on chilled stemware, except they don’t use ‘stems’.  The Martini glasses are prepped in an ice filled trough on the counter top.  The glass was probably colder than if the bartender had filled it with ice water, but I think this is mostly a marketing effort:  good visual affect, moderate performance.


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