Can the Martini be too cold?

Can a martini be too cold?  A sacrilegious thought?   Well, maybe…..

As is well known to my diligent readers, I make every effort to create a very cold, long lasting cold, martini.

But one of the many things that makes Gin superior to Vodka is the wonderful aromatics of the spirit.  And as a drink get colder the aromatics are less intense.  According to Alton Brown, Gin “starts to loose some of its aromatic qualities once it drops below 30”.   Since most taste actually comes from your nose, losing the aromatics would make the taste of the drink less complex.

Can a martini be too cold?  Actually, yes!

But I’m not too worried.  I’ve never encountered a bar or restaurant martini that cold.  Even at home with my freezer gin, freezer stored crystal stem, freezer ice, and refrigerated vermouth by the time I mix and shake the martini its above 30 degrees.    But I think I’ll get a thermometer… just to check.


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2 thoughts on “Can the Martini be too cold?

  1. The idea of checking with a thermometer sounds great to me. I’m interested to know the outcome in your next blog.

    1. Very interesting and makes perfect sense!! I find the same holds true for a lot of foods. When I am entertaining, I always take the appetizer type foods, cheeses, fruits and olives out of the refrigerator about 30 minutes prior to when my guests arrive, it makes a big difference, Bon appetit!!

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