Bar Review: Stubrick’s Steakhouse and Bar, Fullerton, CA

Martini Glass Sideways

Stubrick’s is know locally for their steaks and deservedly so.  They are very good, as is everything else I’ve tried.  The service is fine and the servers are friendly.  There is live music on the weekends and pool tables upstairs.   The decor is ‘rustic comfortable’.   A very nice local hangout.

The Martini was also ‘comfortable’.  Nothing exciting, nothing special.  The stems are not pre-chilled though the barkeep did attempt to chill the bowl with ice water.  Additionally when shaking the Martini the barkeep was rather unenthusiastic. As such the finished product was only cool and that didn’t last long at all.

The mix itself was fine; appropriately dry with just a hint of vermouth and properly diluted.  Maybe just a tad over-diluted?

It really is a comfortable restaurant and bar with very good food.  But come for the food, not the Martin.

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