Architizer 2015 A+ Award to Bombay Sapphire

Architecture website Architizer recently announced the winners of its 3rd annual A+ Awards.  These awards highlight the best new building designs from around the world.

The “Factory Warehouse” award this year goes to Bombay Sapphire Distillery in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

The gin-maker commissioned the creation of the company’s first in-house production facility, which will also be open for members of the public to visit.  Formerly a water-powered paper mill, the site contains more than forty derelict buildings, many of historical significance, which have been regenerated and restored.

Check out the website below for more details and some beautiful photos.

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3 Responses to Architizer 2015 A+ Award to Bombay Sapphire

  1. PortGirl says:

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting and what a beautiful building!! I bet the aroma from the botanical garden smells wonderful! Do you think, since taste starts in the nose, the scent may increase the Gin consumption of the local residents??

  2. wlmoon58 says:

    I suspect with all that beautiful glass not much of the scent gets out to the residents. But I’m sure one of their tours would be a very aromatic experience. 😀

    • PortGirl says:

      That is probably true, but it was fun to think about!! I imagine a tour would be a wonderful experience!!

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