Bar Review: Cedar Creek, Brea, CA

Cedar Creek in Brea, CA is not too far from home and I’ve been there several  times.  But I hadn’t really concentrated on the martini before, so I decided to go again and pay attention.

This was a very good martini.  The stem was nicely chilled, properly and vigorously shaken, and very dry with just a hint of vermouth.  The Barkeep was friendly and attentive while also being discretely out of the way.

As you know my ‘standard’ Martini is with Bombay Sapphire, for consistent comparisons.  Here I had a second Martini in which I asked for Boodles.  I rather liked Boodles, its clean and crisp, but also very neutral flavored.  Of course that may be good or bad depending on your presences.  I’ll definitely add Boodles as a backup gin preference.

Overall a good martini.  My rating:  Martini Glass Upright

Food?  You want to know about the food?  Alright, it was very good.  They serve hearty American with an emphasis on seafood – Pot roast, prime rib, cedar plank salmon, swordfish, rack of lamb…. etc.  The decor would be best described as warm woodsy Craftsman-style.  Very comfortable with upscale comfort food.

For selection Cedar Creek gets a “B+”.
A non exhaustive sampling:  Bombay, Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Tanqueray Ten, Hendrick’s, Nolet’s, Beefeater, Boodles, and some sort of well.  They get the “+” because of the Boodles and Nolet’s, something above and beyond the usual, at least for this part of the world, B, BS, T, T10, & H.

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