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It has always been my intent and desire to include in this blog reviews of the Martinis I have had at various restaurants and bars I visit.   I have already posted my first review and I’m sure many readers are confused with my grading system.  In that review I gave my maximum rating: Two Martinis.  Which I’m sure is causing great consternation, after all what sort of lunatic would offer a maximum of two martins???

But relax friends, there is a method to my apparent madness.   My grading system is pretty simple and, I believe, will cover the basics of what the aficionado really wants to know.  So with great fanfare, here it is:

Martini Glass UprightMartini Glass Upright   Worth a trip just to try the Martini

Martini Glass Upright   Good Martini

Martini Glass Sideways    Ehh, I’m here, I’ll have drink

Martini Glass Upside Down   Order the wine

That’s it, very simple, concise, and fundamentally informative.

Please feel free to add your reviews, comments, and opinions.  You don’t need to follow my rating system but I’d be honored if you do.

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