Bar Review: Summit House, Fullerton, CA

The Summit House it located on the top of a hill and has simply beautiful views of Orange County, CA.  The view can be enjoyed from within the restaurant or, my preference, on the patio.   For that reason alone, the Summit House is worth a trip.

Inside the decor is warm and welcoming, a sort of rustic farmhouse feel.  There is lots of dark wood paneling, framed paintings, open beams raised ceiling, and a huge rock fireplace. Very bright and cheery with, of course, lots of windows. The tables are set formally with comfortable arm chairs.

Add to that the excellent food coupled with professional service and you have a perfect First Date, Birthday, Anniversary, or other special occasion celebratory location.  But its also a highly desirable location for weddings, proms, and celebrations of all sorts which can make for crowds.

Fortunately that’s rarely a problem with the lounge or patio.  The lounge is an extension of the dining room, but raised so you’re looking over the diners and also have a view out the windows.  There’s piano music every day to accompany your libation.   All in all perfectly wonderful, comfortable, and relaxing.

If I lived closer this would be high on my list of ‘personal hang out’ candidates.

I know, you’re probably sitting there thinking “Get on with it! I came for the Martini”.  Ok… here’s the good; its a nice sized drink and nicely dry.   The bad; the drink was severed more cool that cold, though the stem was chilled.  So my conclusion is that the Martini was not adequately shaken.

I had two Martinis while I was here, as much to give the Barkeep a second chance as to enjoy a second drink.  Same result as the first time.

I will be back for the view and food and may have a Martini when I do, but then maybe not.  They do have a nice wine list.   The Summit House gets a tipped stem:   Martini Glass Sideways

For Selection the Summit House gets a “B”.
Bombay, Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Sapphire East, Tanqueray, Tanqueray Ten, Hendrick’s, Beefeater, Gordon’s.   A “Nice” selection of standard and popular gins but nothing remotely novel or risky.


*****   Rating Definitions   ****


One thought on “Bar Review: Summit House, Fullerton, CA

  1. This is my favorite bar review so far, probably because I have been to the Summit House and you described it so perfectly!! It is very warm with beautiful windows which allow for a wonderful view of the outside. I think the raised bar adds additional character as you look down on the dining room below. I agree the food was great however, I had a nice glass of Cab so I cannot comment on the Martinis, The patio and surrounding landscape, fountains, gazebo and flowers all add to the beautiful Orange County view, especially at sunset. A beautiful place for a romantic stroll with a special someone and a favorite that I will definitely revisit!

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