First Bar Review: Ocean Prime

I have always hoped to add bar and restaurant reviews to this blog.  I didn’t intend to start so soon but a recent martini prompts me to start sooner than I expected.

Recently in Philadelphia on business, I stopped in one of my favorite restaurants, Ocean Prime. Evan was my mixologist this evening. I ordered my preferred Martini – Bombay Sapphire with a twist.  After discussing the proper proportion of Vermouth, Evan pulled a glass out of the freezer and I knew immediately this was going to be good.  It was; very cold, shaken with exuberance, right proportions, and served in an ice cold glass.

For this Ocean Prime and Evan get my highest rating, two martinis.  Martini Glass UprightMartini Glass Upright

As an interesting note, Evan introduced me to an awesome cognac; Le Reviseur.  But that’s a different blog.

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  1. Trish Penn says:

    You may want to leave Ocean Prime a note about your blog and recommendation:


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