Shaken or Stirred, Part Two

A few more thoughts on “Shaken vs. Stirred”…..

The most convincing argument I’ve heard in favor of a stirred martini is the silky mouth feel that I mentioned early.

The shaken drink tends to be aerated, at least at first, which gives it a different mouth feel. I will acknowledge that the feel of a stirred martini is awesome. But just as the aerated mouth feel of the shaken martini fades, so does the silkiness of the stirred. So for 84.5% of the time I’m savoring my martini, the mouth feel of the two mixing methods is identical.

Then it comes down to temperature and the shaken martin is always colder. Checkmate.

2 thoughts on “Shaken or Stirred, Part Two

  1. Shaken vs stirred…

    A martini that is properly shaken will have tiny shards of ice floating on top. While this will chill the martini more, it will also water down your martini ever so slightly. Regardless of the chilling method, as long as it is poured immediately into a pre-chilled martini glass and served promptly it’s all rainbows and butterflies. If it comes to you with large droplets of condensation running down the side, that is a travesty.

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