Olives or Twist

This may be the second most discussed question about Martinis. As noted, my preference is a twist; when I drink Bombay. To me the lemon flavors compliment the herbs of Bombay while the saltiness of the olives seems to overpower the subtleties of the herbal notes.

However, if my barkeep of the moment doesn’t have a herbal noted Gin available, such as Nolet’s or Lavender, then I will ask for olives.  They are a  better contrast to those floral flavors.

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3 Responses to Olives or Twist

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi there fellow martini lover!! I find your comments interesting and agree with many of your preferences. My perfect martini definitely must be as cold as possible….shaken not stirred, and in a well chilled glass. I have always preferred vodka martinis with an olive ( I know you just cringed) however, I have been experimenting with gin and enjoy the herbal notes not present in vodka and definitely with a lemon twist instead of an olive. My perfect martini also includes a cozy atmosphere with the perfect companion :).

    While doing some reading on red wine, I came across a Latin proverb that I want to share with you which I believe also applies to martinis…”It is well to remember that there are 5 reasons for drinking: the arrival of a friend, one’s present or future thirst, the excellence of the martini or any other reason”

    • wlmoon58 says:

      All Martini lovers are welcome, gin or vodka preference. I’m glad you’re exploring the Gin. Hopefully you’ll eventually come over from the dark side. 😀 I love your 5 reasons to drinking, thank you. I believe it does apply to Martinis as much as wine.

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