I Made Gin!!


Yes, it is Gin.  No, it really wasn’t that great.  In fact it was pretty poor, barely drinkable. But it was a lot of fun and I learned a quite a bit.   The most important thing I learned is that …

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The Perfect Gin Explained


I often get asked “What is the best gin?” Apparently some people seem to think I should know.  I’m still researching that myself and until I try all the Gins I don’t think I can really give a valid assessment.   …

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Restaurant Review; Drago Ristorante, Los Angeles, CA


Lets see …. I’ve done reviews of Airport restaurants (P.F. Chang’s), restaurants on barques (Moshulu), and restaurants in casinos (Red Oak) and train stations (Traxx).  Steakhouses, Italian, Chinese, Seafood, and lounges that don’t even serve food.  So clearly I have …

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The Perfect Martini Process, V2.0


I wrote The Perfect Martini Process, V1.0 back in November of 2015, though it didn’t have the “V1.0” notation back then.  Since then, I’ve been thinking that it really needed an update to make it more readable, logically organized, and …

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Random Martini Quote of the Day


“If it wasn’t for the olives in his martinis he’d starve to death.” Milton Berle   Looking for more outstanding “Martini Quotes”?  I believe we have the best collection of Martini quotes anywhere!   If you haven’t checked it out …

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Random Martini Quote of the Day


I’m not talking a cup of cheap gin splashed over an ice cube. I’m talking satin, fire and ice; Fred Astaire in a glass; surgical cleanliness, insight, comfort; redemption and absolution. I’m talking MARTINI! Anonymous   Those of you with …

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What Your Martini Says About You


A friend sent me the following link to “Wine Enthusiast” Magazine with the comment that they were not sure they agreed with the story’s conclusions.  And I would agree that I’m not sure I agreed either. But it’s an interesting …

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The Most Interesting Man in the World???


I don’t usually drink beer…… He once caught the Loch Ness Monster…with a cane pole, but threw it back When I first heard the Dos Equis ad campaign with “The Most Interesting Man in the World” sometime around 2006 I …

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Happy New Year 2017


Happy New Year to one and all, especially my faithful subscribers. If you celebrate New Year’s Eve with a Martini or two, Celebrate Safely!    Please don’t drink and drive.  Uber and Lyft will get you home safe.  Your family and …

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2nd Anniversary!


This month, December 24th to be exact, completes the second full year of exciting Martini making and mayhem.  Its been a great fun writing and I hope to continue through my third year. I want to take a moment and …

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